HUMBOLDT-UNIVERSITÄT zu BERLIN Department of Physics -
Theory of Elementary Particles

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Lattice Gauge Theory

(Prof. Dr. Michael Müller-Preußker)

We are part of the Department of Physics at the Humboldt University located in Adlershof in the South-East of Berlin.

We are members of

  • SFB Transregio 9 "Computational Particle Physics"
    We are engaged in the project
    A4 Chirally Invariant and Twisted-Mass Formulations of QCD on the Lattice

  • Sonderforschungsbereich 647 "Raum-Zeit-Materie"
    We are engaged in the projects
    A8 Aspects of Conformal Geometry and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
    B8 Integrable Structures in the Gauge/String Theory Correspondence

  • Graduiertenkolleg 1504
    "Masse, Spektrum, Symmetrie: Teilchenphysik in der Ära des Large Hadron Colliders"

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